Yoga Hardcore

My goal this week was to attend three yoga* classes at the gym, no excuses. This goal is monumental because I’ve only done that once in my life. I usually attend yoga twice a week, partly because that’s what my work sched permits, and partly because I can be a lazy ass.A full Half Moon pose

I did it, though! Three yoga classes, three days in a row. I’m sure I’m supposed to pace myself, but the Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday classes are the only ones I can feasibly attend. So at 6:40 am today, I took my third class, and it went surprisingly well. I’d been having difficulty with some poses this entire week. I don’t know, my alignment just wasn’t right. Plus, it’s hard for me to do a full Half Moon Pose from the prepatory pose that the class dictates (facing the floor with one leg up) as opposed to doing it the way I do at home (standing up and diving down). Today, I was able to do something like it without falling over, so that’s something. And I didn’t feel pain doing the typically-painful standing strength poses at all. (Maybe the pain will come tomorrow when my body realizes what it’s done.)

A full Bridge (though I don't look half as amazing as this)I’m really proud of something, though. I’m one of the few in class (sometimes the only one) who can do a full Bridge Pose. And I’m especially proud of this because it’s a personal achievement, too – I could never do a full Bridge at home, trying over and over again for maybe most of last year. But now I can. And physically, it feels great!

*I call them yoga classes, but they’re really more a smorgasbord of yoga, tai chi, and pilates. Most of it is yoga though, and I’m not about to invent a word for it (yogchilates?).
**Pictures from Yoga Journal


2 thoughts on “Yoga Hardcore

  1. Congrats! 😉 Don’t forget to tell Paul about this, as I’m sure he’d be interested to know about your progress.

    I’ll aim for something similar later this year in terms of wall-climbing, once my body gets more used to it.

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