I’m booked! I’ll be in San Francisco from March 6 to 23. That includes the Game Developers Conference, baby!*

Not only is it my first time to attend GDC, I’ll also be representing the company alone. Which is a Big Big Deal. I’ll be meeting with all sorts of important people, and my boss sweetly told me today, “You’ve heard the saying ‘First impressions last’, right? Well, you’ll be their first impression of our company.”

I need to go clothes-shopping, and fast!

*Except I might only go to the GDC expo, and not attend the super-fucking-awesome talks by Nintendo, Sony, High Moon Studios, Epic Games, etc. But still – GDC is GDC, right?


2 thoughts on “Booked

  1. Knock ’em dead! I’m sure you’ll do a spectacular job. šŸ˜‰

    And yes, the GDC is the GDC, with or without the talks. It’s the worldwide game development zeitgeist right there in one place! The expo alone will probably be quite the information influx.

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