She’s hearing voices

It’s really happening. I’m really going to the US. I only realized this when I stood in line at the Department of Foreign Affairs getting a new passport, and suddenly I got all excited 😉

As I’m a travel whore, just being at the GDC Expo won’t be enough. I’ve already scouted out where to buy Chucks, where to take a yoga class if there’s time, and and AND, what gig to watch. In 2001 it was Dave Matthews Band, in 2005 it was Broken Social Scene / Acid House Kings / New Order / Sondre Lerche etc, and in 2007 oh my God it’s going to be Bloc Party!!! I just bought a ticket today and can’t stop grinning 😀

(For those who don’t know, I’m a newly converted rabid fan of Bloc Party.)

I’m also thinking of attending Video Games Live, but I’m not sure yet. Bloc Party is enough to make the insane amount of money spent on going to the US trip worth it.


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