Almost there!

I’m flying in three days oh my fucking God, and I haven’t packed, bought everything I need, scheduled everyone, etc. My friends know that I’m always prepared for trips but I am not prepared for this one. Not nearly.

So I’m going to take a two-minute break from the stress (I’m at work, on a Saturday) and list down all the great things to look forward to, and just be an excited girl for a minute.

  • 13 confirmed meetings over three days, give or take a few more. Okay, I’m not exactly excited about them, but I will be meeting a lot of awesome companies. Too bad I can’t tell you who they are. But they’re Big 😉
  • BLOC PARTY BLOC PARTY I’m watching Bloc Party oh my God
  • Seeing San Francisco with adult eyes. San Fo used to be my favorite city in the world, but I was 13 then, and I hadn’t been to New York or Florence then. Now I’ll be seeing it with older eyes, and I’ll be exploring on my own, too. Traveling alone scares me, which is exactly why I do it.
  • The possibility of buying Converse Chuck Taylor X-His.
  • Seeing my sister, whom I adore, and my NEPHEW!
  • Vegetarian food, and the challenge of sticking to that while I’m there. (Relatives, if you find this blog, please keep me away from Inn N Out. I’m on a diet.)
  • Quiet time in a strange city. I want to go have coffee somewhere.
  • Okay I have to admit, just the thought of being at GDC is cool. Forget the 13 meetings and not having time to eat in between. GDC IS COOL.
  • Wearing my new pretty jacket and my new pretty bag. I’m a girl. These things excite me.
  • All the new music, games, books, and loot I might get if I see them.

This trip will build character. This trip will help me grow (up). Okay, it worked. I’m excited 😀


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