I’ve been back in the Philippines for three days and the jetlag is fucking killing me. It’s a violent effort to stay awake in the afternoons, and sleep has not been restful.

I haven’t posted about my adventures in San Francisco and Seattle, so I thought I’d just sum it up real quick. I don’t want to forget how much fun I had 🙂

Sony Booth 1I’m definitely going back to GDC. There’s something about walking the streets of San Francisco and seeing hordes (literally, hordes – 12,500 people) of developers walking the streets, with their ID tags around their necks. In the Philippines, people are too embarrassed to be caught dead walking around with their IDs. But at GDC, everyone was proud to be a game developer.

Left and right, you’d overhear people talking about shaders and linear storytelling and the latest games (oh my!). I heard the talks this year were better than last year. I didn’t get to attend any talks as I had nonstop meetings every day, but the people I met were awesome too. It’s great to be with people in your field, and I’m definitely going next year, company-sponsored or not.

San Francisco
Passing under the Golden GateAs GDC was hectic as hell, I didn’t get to do any San Francisco sightseeing. However, a week after Upland, I flew back to the San Francisco area, watched Bloc Party (yeah baby), and the next day, went around to sightsee with Raymond.

I’d met Ray at the International Game Developers Association party, the first night I got to the US. I’m not a party person, much less a ‘let’s go to my first party in a strange land all alone’ person. When I got to the bar there was a long line around the corner to get in, so I lined up nervously, and Ray was the guy in front of me.

Long story short, a week after GDC, he flew into San Francisco from Seattle (where he lives/works) so we could sightsee, and we saw lotsa things! We walked around Ghirardelli Square (yummy chocolate, and they’ve got ice cream, too!), took a ferry boat ride under the Golden Gate Bridge, ate white clam chowder at Fisherman’s Wharf (at my request), then went to the Ferry building to have coffee by the water. I still love San Francisco as it’s beautiful and full of life, but I realized it’s more of a novelty area, one I enjoy as a tourist but I probably wouldn’t want to live there.

NeedleThen a few days later, I flew to Seattle to sightsee for a day! (Flying around with absolutely no baggage, btw, is FUN. You’re in and out of there in no time.) This time, Ray and I had breakfast at a cozy coffee shop, went up the Space Needle (a 41-second elevator ride), took pics of the skyline (as I’m a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan, this was awesome), had lunch in Teapot (a yummy vegetarian restaurant! I want to go back there), went to the first Starbucks store ever (am a huge Starbucks fan too), walked around Pike Place Market, then I flew back home.  I really liked Seattle, as it’s a city surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers and lakes, except it’s freaking COLD and I was freezing most of the time 😛 When I was there though, the sun was shining (a rare treat!), so I’m grateful for that.

Now I’m back in the Philippines, where it’s hot, humid, and crazy. But it’s home sweet home 🙂 If only I could get rid of this jetlag so I could work and sleep and eat properly!


11 thoughts on “Jetlag

  1. moongirl says:

    Ray: If only I could… 😉

    Quinnzap: I want that spell! I will sell an ultimate weapon for that spell. Five nights of hell != fun.

  2. I can imagine. Well, you seem to be holding up relatively well for someone who had to hit the ground running.

    *casts it again*

    *and gives you coffee to boot*

    Hallo, selamat hari Ray! Kau dari Indonesia ya? Aku hidup di Jakarta untuk tiga tahun, sudah lama aku tak bisa bicara bahasa indonesia! Kelihatan niya kau suka kawan ku ya? Bagus, dia itu orangnya hebat!

    maafkan ya kalau bahasa ku sudah buruk. lama juga tak bicara begini. 😀

  4. Ray says:

    Hey Ryan. Thanks man.
    It’s pretty good, considering you’ve never Indonesian anymore for some time.

    Luna memang manis dan pintar, ya? Naksir deh 🙂

  5. iya, dia pintar sekali, bisa juga…sing, what the hell’s sing again? Anyway. janagn menyakiti dia ya? dia itu baik sekali, aku marah kalu kamu sakit dia ya? 😀

  6. Jetlag is going to get you if not planned in advance and in my experience the cabin crew make things worse by feeding us and turning the lights down at precisely the wrong time. fBad for us the passengers but suits the cabin staff.

    The strategy that works is to plan your flight from your arrival backwards so that when you arrive you are ‘in time’ with your destination.

    This means that it may be necessary to take a snack with you as you will be asleep when the crew are serving food.

    The well known killer is to watch the films until the spool runs out. that is when they turn the lights down.

    There is no set plan you have to work it out for each trip.

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