Reitch and Riki

Riki Sunico was one of the biggest geeks I had ever met, and that’s a compliment. He was always present at X-Files marathons. He helped me paint Dream Systems, without complaint, even if he’s not a painter, for almost two years. When I had a car accident in 2003, he helped me through it. The last time I hung out with him was December 3, 2006, when this picture was taken. Reitch, Riki, quinnzap, and I had dinner and dessert and we had a great time. Riki was always jolly, with a razor-sharp sense of humor, and he had the energy of a teenager, even if he was already in his 40s.

When I heard that Riki had a stroke, quinnzap, our friends, and I went to visit him in the hospital. He was declared braindead. So many of his friends arrived that we crowded the hallways and spilled over into other waiting rooms. Other visitors were already complaining of the noise level. That’s what happens when you get a bunch of geeks together.

We were asked to say our goodbyes. We cried. A lot. But we also celebrated – celebrated his life. He would have enjoyed that, I think, all of his friends together in one place. And everybody loved him.

A few minutes after we drove off from the hospital, I got a text saying that Riki had passed away. Thank you, Riki, for letting us say goodbye. And I don’t doubt that you’ll watch over Reitch now and keep her safe from harm. Thank you for letting me know you, even for such a short time. It was an honor.

(Another post about Riki here.)


5 thoughts on “Riki

  1. It was a good evening, that dinner/dessert time we had with Ricky and Reitch. I think that night, more than any other time, stands out in my memory as time spent with him.

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