My Blueberry Nights

Fellow music/Wong Kar Wai fan Xedken sent me the trailer to WKW’s first English film, My Blueberry Nights:

(Click here to view trailer)

I don’t know what’s sexier – the fact that WKW is doing yet another personal, intimate love story, the way no other filmmaker can; that he’s bringing out another female singer into the acting world, and will most likely succeed, if Faye Wong in Chungking Express is any indication; that he chose Cat Power for his musical theme, and hopefully she’ll recur throughout the film; or that Jude Law is in it. (The fact that the film is in English is completely irrelevant to me, as WKW’s stories transcend language anyway.)

I sooooo want to watch this already! 🙂 I’m in the mood for love again.


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