Ways to ruin a relationship

I was organizing files from my childhood when I found a handwritten note from my older sister, dated April 8, 1999 (the note now dutifully filed in a clearbook labeled “High School”). The note said:

This helped me during my 16-yr-old days 🙂

And it contained a list she found in a magazine. I’m reposting the list because I think it may be useful, even in my 24-year-old days (or, truth be told, any age).


  1. Analyze the relationship to death
  2. Be a policewoman
  3. Play hard-to-get and other games
  4. Talk about commitment on the first date
  5. Love him only when he’s feeling cheerful and strong
  6. Take him for granted
  7. Open old wounds
  8. Worry about his ex
  9. Get hung up on 3 little words
  10. Be dependent
  11. Harbor unrealistic expectations

(Okay, I’m sure now – it is useful 😉


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