Nothing says ‘support’ like YM status messages.

My team made a little game called Word Archery. It’s a free downloadable PC game. I’m quite proud of it for many, many reasons. And now it’s in a worldwide contest called the Indie Game Showcase and people around the world can download, play, and vote for it. Then the games with the most votes become finalists, sort of like American Idol for indie casual games.

So everyone in the office is proud of it, of course. But nothing says ‘support’ like Yahoo! Messenger status messages.

Word Archery linkspam

(Click photo to zoom in)

Apologies to those who don’t speak Filipino, though some of the English ones are pretty funny, too. And there were others that I didn’t catch in my print screen.

The funniest story, I think, was when someone clicked my link that said ‘PORN!’ and complained when it wasn’t porn.


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