Emotive Spending

End-of-week shoppers are emotive spenders, I read in a magazine article this afternoon. I’d like to make an addendum: Game producers are such examples, except they do it any day of the week.

I have had adrenalin rushing through me these past few days. There’s so much of it that when I wake up I still have some left over. (Once, I woke up with a big audible *GAAAASP!* like in the movies.) Case in point: Today, Sunday, I drove to the office twice within a span of an hour. The second time, I was already home when I had to double back and drive through a thunderstorm to save the office from a natural disaster, caused by a window I had left open. (Office has been saved and mopped up.)

To compensate this week, I have done, without rhyme or reason, the following:

  • Gone to Starbucks every day (except yesterday)
  • Bought a Starbucks tumbler
  • Treated the boys to a nice dinner at Omakase (currently my favorite restaurant)
  • Went with the boys to an eat-all-you-can at Dad’s even if I’d already overeaten
  • Treated the boys to Ocean’s Thirteen (disappointing to a Soderbergh fan like me)
  • Bought two books from Amazon
  • Bought the book Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office today at Powerbooks
  • Cut my hair

My only reasonable act this week was to go to yoga class twice. I think I’ll go again tomorrow, and the day after that. I need to get this adrenalin out of me! (And I need to stop spending.)


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