Why I prefer the Kar98k

General Rifle Tactics

In United Offensive, the general introduction of semi-automatic rifles divided riflemen into two distinct playing styles, with one focusing on pure accuracy and power while the other relied on second-hit probabilities. This provided an interesting alternative to riflemen, albeit an unpopular one.

COD2’s rifles are fairly similar to each other regardless of bolt-action or semi-automatic. While the weapon types focus on either accuracy/power or firing speed, the line that divides their capabilities has been substantially blurred. With the semi-automatic rifles being able to kill in one hit to the head and having a fast rate of fire without much movement penalty, semi-autos can stand toe-to-toe against bolt-action rifles. Of course, the bolt-action rifles are still generally better at long range for their superior power and semi-automatics are better at close range due to their faster speed, and that characteristic alone will determine which rifle to use.

Regardless of which rifle is used, the tactics are fairly similar for both. While rifles have good stopping power, they are no match for automatic weapons at close range, and at long range they are threatened by snipers and automatic support weapons. Due to the low ammunition capacity of rifles, riflemen should not be the first ones to assault an enemy position or steal a flag, as those roles are much better suited for submachine gunners. Rather, riflemen should stay a bit further back from the frontline, taking vantage points such as rooftops and long alleys to pick off targets instead of getting up close and personal.

Rifles are powerful weapons, and can kill in one or two shots. Consequently, there isn’t a huge need to reload between shots, as a rifle with 2 rounds can still kill two enemies, so be conservative with reloading and make each shot count for maximum effect.

Semi-automatic rifles have a distinct advantage in being able to suppress targets with rapid fire, something the bolt-action rifle cannot do. Bolt-action rifles, on the other hand, are capable of a higher takedown probability when a target pops up.

Riflemen should also relocate often. While not as vulnerable as snipers, riflemen are unable to defend themselves at close quarters, so it would be a good idea to swap the pistol for a submachine gun and move around often rather than remaining at one vantage point, as enemies will eventually flank that position or put it under heavy suppression. Riflemen need to adhere to survival tactics more than regular assault players, and are more useful picking off targets for assaulters to advance rather than taking point themselves.

The number of grenades issued depends on the type of rifle selected. Bolt-action riflemen start with three frag grenades, while semi-automatic riflemen start with 2 frag grenades. Riflemen are not issued with smoke grenades.

-Preferably long-range weapons
-Can kill in 1-2 shots
-Vulnerable at close range
-Carry a submachine gun as a second weapon
-Should hold important points rather than assault
-GRENADES: 2 Frag, 0 Smoke (Semi-automatic); 3 Frag, 0 Smoke (Bolt-action)

(Quoted from Call of Duty 2: Weapons Guide by Scottie_theNerd)


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