Why sit around when you can walk?

I had my first walk today – like a real exercise walk, with the sole purpose of getting fit. It was a spur of the moment thing. I’d already gone to Athletic Yoga class this morning, but hours later, I downed an entire bag of microwave popcorn and felt bloated again. So I decided to do something about it.

‘Something’, in this case, was geekily prepare. I looked up how to start a walking exercise regimen. I transferred all sorts of MP3 albums to my Walkman phone. I donned my barely used Nike cross-trainers. I reset my Chicken Little / Kellogg’s pedometer* to zero. Then I set out for my first 30-minute walk.

And I discovered what probably millions of fit, athletic people already knew – walking is fun! I listened to the String Quartet tribute to Death Cab For Cutie as I walked the near empty streets of the village. It had just rained, so the air was cool. During the walk, I learned a couple of things:

  1. There are lots of bugs, the little ones that fly in swarms. Probably because it was evening, and post-rain.
  2. The route I planned out in my head (down the street until the main road, then down another street to get back home) turned out to be only 20 minutes long.
  3. The longcut I took in order to extend 10 more minutes turned out to be a loooong uphill road with no intersections, and for a minute I thought I’d gotten lost in my own village. But that exploratory longcut ended up right in front of my house ten seconds after 30 minutes!
  4. And those 30 minutes equaled 1036 steps, which is just over half a mile, or 0.86 kilometers.
  5. Oh, and I also learned that serious walking can be tiring as shit.

All in all, I’m happy! And I’m already planning to do this regularly (at intervals with my yoga classes). Now I need to go shop for more jogging pants, maybe an armband for my Walkman phone, etc. I’m keeping the Chicken Little pedometer, though 😉

*Yes, a free kiddie pedometer from a cereal box. But hey, at least it works!


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