Bits and pieces

I’ve been twitting more than blogging, because twitting takes two seconds of thought-time and blogging takes more online premeditation than I can afford at the moment 😉 (So if you guys have Twitter, add me up!)

I’ve been thoroughly loving William Gibson‘s Count Zero, borrowed from a friend. I’m almost done, and I’m prolonging the end on purpose because I don’t want to leave the world yet. I love cyberpunk, and I haven’t been in the Sprawl long enough to get sick of it (I only jacked in last year, with Neuromancer), so I’m going to drink up as much as I can. I’ve immersed myself in fictional worlds before (LOTR, Harry Potter, etc) but Gibson’s world is more me, I think, than the others.

The main character of Gibson’s other book Pattern Recognition would scoff at me, as I think I have fallen for Nike and its global brainwashing. Today I bought my second Nike top, which costs more than a top ever should. For some reason, the Alabang Town Center branch does not carry any yoga attire, so I bought a generic top that fits a bit strangely. It’s pretty, though 😉 I hope it lasts me a long time.

The only other thing I’ve been really into, recently, is Battlefield 2. I am the proud medic of the Special Forces squad. That means I get to run around silly and shove medpacks into people’s butts. I might do a proper blog entry about that, sometime.

Lastly, I changed my blog header. Teehee! That Dragonball figure you see in the background literally haunts me in the office. It follows me around. Seriously. It’s worse than Chuckie. I try to push it away, hide it, whatever, but suddenly I look around and it’s facing me! I have my crazy officemates to thank for that.


6 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. Paul says:

    I have Mona Lisa Overdrive, the book that comes after Count Zero, so go ahead and finish it already. You won’t leave Gibson’s world yet. 😉

  2. moongirl says:

    Paul: I have Mona Lisa Overdrive, actually. Am sitting on it. I finished Count Zero yesterday but I’m breathing some fresh 21st century air first before diving back in 😛

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