The one where Moongirl first states her intent to be in a band again

MeI just watched Music and Lyrics. I’m not a big fan of formulaic romantic comedies, but I have to admit, this one was pretty good! Maybe I’m biased because I’m a writer, or I used to be in a band where I wrote lyrics and melodies but always in tandem with other people, or maybe I just wanted a love story with a happy ending today haha, but for any or all of these reasons, I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Today is a musical day. I got my Fender guitar amplifier back, after years of being amp-less. Striking that first chord with my electric guitar plugged in – oh my God. It sounded goooood. I’d missed it. It got even better when I hooked it up with my DS-2.

And now I formally state my intent to be in a band again. But first, I may need to explain something about my past.

I used to be in a band – three, actually. My first band was called Mr. JiL, which I auditioned for on the eve of my 18th birthday. That’s where I met Joon (Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man, Outerhope), Mikah (Helen, Quail Quartet), and RC (who stopped playing after Mr. JiL, and should seriously start playing again). We played Dave Matthews Band songs and wrote some funk rock originals. Mr. JiL was a first for me, in many things – my first time to hold an electric, my first gig, and my first time to be a vocalist!

My second band was called Silme and the Sugardrops and we didn’t last very long.

My third band was called We Kick Ass For The Lord, and we lasted almost two years. I was with Joon, Aids (formerly of the Purplechickens), and Owel (Ang Bandang Shirley). We played covers from all over (Bloc Party, Blondie, the Strokes, even Paris Hilton [which, sad to say, is our only recorded gig]) and wrote some originals. We were a fun band, and we actually had fans. I base that on the few times when people I didn’t know would recognize me when I walked into Saguijo, or come up to me after a gig, or say, “Oh, I’ve heard of them” if someone would mention our name.

I haven’t been in a band for almost a year now and I’m feeling the itch again. With my amp back and the possibility of me moving back to Makati where gigs are just a cab ride away, I think it’s time I find a band again. I’m jamming with my officemates next weekend, so that’s a start. But if you know anyone looking for a female guitarist and/or vocalist, let me know 😉


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