Picture Spring Cleaning

It’s a Busy Time of Year, so instead of a lengthy post, I’m cleaning out my phone camera, with some stories:

Goodbye PC 3Goodbye PC 2 Goodbye PC 1
I sold my home PC to an officemate who badly needed it. I’ve had it for several years and it’s old enough not to be able to play any new game worth playing. So long, PC. We’ve gone through a lot together. *sniff*

Stuffed green peppers

Then I went and cooked my first dish ever – stuffed peppers. Vegetarian. It would have tasted better if our oven didn’t run out of gas, but it tasted pretty good already, considering I can’t cook anything to save my life. (Note to self: Check gas level, and also add more salt.)

Made up

And then I had a photo shoot for Spark magazine (coming out in October) and they made me do the weirdest things, like jump in the air, and pretend the sky was falling. I’m sure the shots came out horrible, but at least I got to wear a little bit of makeup.

That’s all for now. Ta!


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