August Series #1: Joon’s Last Night In Town

So much stuff have happened over the past few days that I’ll need separate blog posts about each of them. First up: Joon’s Last Night In Town. (Now with video! 😉

WKAFTLLast Thursday night, my defunct band We Kick Ass For The Lord reunited for a gig at Route 196, Katipunan. The reason: our drummer Joon was leaving for Hong Kong for an indefinite period of time. It was a surprise party for Joon, so Aids, Owel, and I had to keep it hush-hush for the past few weeks – very hard to do, considering 1) Joon was my best friend and I was dying to tell him that our awesome band was playing together again, and 2) I also wanted to tell the world that my officemate and loyal assistant producer Popo was drumming for us.

But alas, we had to keep our mouths shut. WKAFTL hadn’t played together in a year, so we practiced 1.5 times (we were incomplete the second time) and we were pretty rusty. But the best thing about WKAFTL, and the reason I love this band so much, is we have so much fun playing together anyway that the mistakes don’t matter.

Nervous PopoThursday afternoon, Popo and I left work early and headed north. He was scared stiff. Those who know me well enough know that I get crazy nervous before a gig (feverish, nauseated, can’t eat) but I was more worried for Popo. “I can’t feel my legs,” he said on the way to the venue. As always, I felt responsible for Popo, not just because I was the one who dragged him into this in the first place, but I was also crazy proud of him and knew that if he had this opportunity to rock, he’d rock it. Popo wasn’t part of the gigging crowd so I made sure to introduce him to everyone.

Me: “Donna, Popo. Popo, Donna. Donna is from Fatal Posporos and Musings. Popo is my officemate.”
Donna: “Ah, is he the one we’re going to break in?”

(Popo did very well, btw.)

How Joon found out we were playing was funny. He was under the impression that this was a normal Last Full Show gig production, and his band Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man would play first, so he got there early and found WKAFTL hiding in the band room. For some reason he didn’t see all the signs pointing to the obvious – our names were written on the guest list that Joon signed on at the entrance, and when he saw me and Aids and Popo he thought we were there just to watch, or something, and it was only when Zarah gave Joon free drink stubs that said ‘WE KICK ASS FOR THE LORD’ that he finally got it. We had to break it to him, though, that he wasn’t allowed to play with us (Shey’s orders) but we didn’t tell him that we were going to call him up onstage for the last song (Shey’s orders).

WKAFTL - meThe set went okay – others said it was great, but it was one of those nights that I felt nervous and wasn’t at my best. But as this was WKAFTL, it didn’t matter; we had fun anyway. We went through our Best Of list: Death Cab For Cutie’s “The New Year”, The Strokes’ “Reptilia”, Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass”, and Bloc Party’s “So Here We Are” (with my new delay pedal wootwoot!). Then we asked Joon to join us for our original called “Ruin”, and his special request (much to my chagrin), Paris Hilton’s “The Stars Are Blind”, to which I forgot the lyrics.  I thought I was going to wax sentimental in between songs but found I was speechless, so I looked at him as I sang, “No more airplanes or speed trains or freeways – there’d be no distance that can hold us back,” and hope he got the message.

Too soon, the set was over, and WKAFTL went its separate ways again. I’m not sure if we’ll ever play together, but if we don’t, it’s a damn shame. But I’m happy we got to play again, for Joon and with Joon, and when my ex-bandmates get all rich and famous I hope they don’t forget WKAFTL’s short but ridiculously awesome two-year-and-one-night stint.

(By the way, please vote for Owel’s band Ang Bandang Shirley in the World Battle of the Bands by texting NUVOTE [space] WBOB [space] ABS and sending that to 29107. It’s the best band in the competition – trust me.)

Joon’s post about the event is here.
Popo’s post about the event is here.


10 thoughts on “August Series #1: Joon’s Last Night In Town

  1. Slob says:

    “there’d be no distance that can hold us back” – definitely got this. in fact i had to stop focusing on the song to stop from getting teary eyed.

    thanks muthaw, that was a very memorable night 🙂

  2. moongirl says:

    -oo-: My most awesome AND only set of the year, haha. Hey Joon! Balik ka naman! Reunion gig tayo ulit 😉

    Mikester: You da best! 😀

  3. By the way, please vote for Owel’s band Ang Bandang Shirley in the World Battle of the Bands by texting NUVOTE [space] WBOB [space] ABS and sending that to 29107. It’s the best band in the competition – trust me.)

    yes please! we are in dire need of text votes so as not to get eliminated. hehe.

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