August Series #2: Boldstar

So much stuff have happened over the past few days that I’ll need separate blog posts about each of them. My second post: Boldstar.

I used to be a music pimp. Years ago I had this music blog called Death Cab Cutie, and it covered the indie music that I liked, both local and foreign. DCC had a solid fanbase of readers and I got to meet and interview some really cool bands. Plus, I would sell or ship CDs of local bands to people who wanted them.

One of the bands I was crazy about at the time was Boldstar, an indie pop band who were friends with people I knew. I bought their album, pimped them on DCC, and sold their albums through the site. Like all the great local bands I’ve ever loved, Boldstar disbanded. I ran into Echo of Boldstar last July and we both lamented over not having any more bands to play with (though I’m sure he’ll get back into the gigging scene in no time). So Boldstar was gone, and I thought I’d never hear them again.

Until last Thursday.

During the planning of Joon’s surprise going-away gig, I found out that Boldstar was going to play for Joon, reunited for one night only. Popo and I were ecstatic (he was so ecstatic that he decided not to go home that night, just so he could watch them). They were originally slated to play right after We Kick Ass For The Lord, and I told Popo, “That’s it, man. There’s no way we can play right before Boldstar.” They ended up playing after Ang Bandang Shirley, and I thought they didn’t get to watch us play, but apparently at least one of them did.

Addicted to BoldstarAnyway, I didn’t realize how much I loved Boldstar until I heard the opening riff to “Accident Prone” – and I just lost it. I was screaming and dancing and shaking Popo vigorously (poor Popo). (All of this was caught on video, as well, and I’ll link to that when it’s up. You can hear me screaming at their guitarist Justin to strip. It’s tradition.) They played their greatest hits like “Anchor”, “Boom Desire”, and finally “Pork Siomai” (with Joon and Owel on supporting screaming vocals).

My God, I was so happy to watch Boldstar again – the same kind of giddy happiness I felt when I saw Fatal Posporos reunite last July. I was so happy that I couldn’t contain myself afterwards:

Me (to Jazz of Boldstar): “Hi Jazz, you don’t know me, I’m Luna, this is Popo, he’s a huge fan of Boldstar.”
Jazz: “Nice to meet you!”

Me (to Echo, through text): “Hi Echo, just wanted to tell you that I love Boldstar to death as in to death, and that I’ll send you a link to the gig’s video sometime next week.”
Echo: “Aww thanks Luna. That means a lot. You guys were great last night :)”

Me (to Justin of Boldstar): “Justin HUBAD!!!”
Justin: “Ayoko!”

Boldstar’s set for Joon was easily the highlight of my night, and “Accident Prone” is now my ringtone. Woohoo!


7 thoughts on “August Series #2: Boldstar

  1. ako nun intro wala akong ma-shake vigorously 😦 ang nagawa ko lang was to put my hands on my face (almost crying haha) and sigh deeply. haha.

    as i think on the brink away. i won’t be with you today. you’ll never find me! you’ll never catch me! accident prone!

    ano email addy mo? may video din ako tas ni-rip ko yung audio file lang to mp3. send ko sayo. 🙂

  2. moongirl says:

    -00-: Why do all the great bands have to break up? 😦

    Mikester: Bastos!

    Kathy g: Waah, dapat pala magkatabi tayo, you could have shaken me. Hehe. Oh my e-mail is deathcabcutie at gmail 🙂

  3. moongirl says:

    -00-: uy may pic kami ni kathy g!!! it’s not with me though, nakay zarah ata. i should go get it.

    and i don’t think popo knows what momol is. bata pa yan eh 😛

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