My new favorite toy

I’m taking a commercial break from the August series to post about the MP44, my new favorite gun in Call of Duty 2. I’ve long since dumped my rifles for this, and have become more of an assault player than the riflewoman hiding from far away. In fact, just now I tried using a Gewehr again, and had difficulty killing anybody.

BUT I just found out that the MP44’s real name is actually Sturmgewehr, for ‘storm rifle’. I’ve been using an assault version of my old favorite all along. No wonder I like it!

(And you gotta love the Germans – apparently, Hitler didn’t want a new rifle in production, so the makers renamed it as ‘MP44’ and said it was a sub-machine gun.)

The MP44 hasn’t changed much from COD1 in appearance, but in gameplay, the MP44 has become one of the most potent weapons in the game. Other WW2 shooters have portrayed the MP44 as a highly effective weapon that is superior to everything else. Well, COD2’s MP44 is closer to that effect than the COD1 weapon.

The iron sight is similar to the COD1 sights. The MP44 still has a rear notch and front hooded pin. The COD2 pin is much sharper, however, which makes it easier to locate the point of impact. The recoil is steady, raising the muzzle slightly upwards. The MP44 can kill in one headshot, and 2-3 torso shots.

The big issue amongst players is that the MP44 has practically no recoil. This isn’t entirely true, as it does have a reasonable amount of recoil, but it does not kick like a wild beast as it does in COD1. Instead, the recoil is much softer and more controllable, comparable to the MP40. In fact, it feels like the MP44 has LESS recoil than the MP40. Whether it does or not doesn’t really matter, as most players will readily pick up the MP44 instead of the MP40 due to its power and accuracy.

The only disadvantage of using the MP44 as an assault weapon is that it lacks smoke grenades.Note that as an assault weapon, the MP44 has a relatively fast reload speed, especially whe compared to the slow BAR and Bren reload times.

(Quoted from Call of Duty 2: Weapons Guide by Scottie_theNerd)


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