August Series #4: Bataan

So much stuff have happened over the past few days that I’ll need separate blog posts about each of them. My second post: Bataan.

That's meA few hours after Joon’s surprise despedida gig, I got up early to take a road trip to Balanga City, Bataan (thank golly I wasn’t driving!). My two officemates and I went to Bataan Heroes Memorial College to attend the Student Conference on Information Technology Education & Student IT Skills Olympics (SCITE2007).

I’d never been to Bataan, and it wasn’t as far as I thought – only three hours from Makati. (Going home in the Friday night traffic was another story :|) The way there was pretty straightforward, and it was nice to breathe some fresh air.

CrowdThe conference itself was huge – 30 schools from Region 3! It was so far the largest crowd we’ve ever spoken to. Tony and I spoke about game development (actually I only had a few slides to do, which was good as I was sleepy as hell), and then Tammy and Tony and I staffed a booth and answered the students’ questions the rest of the day.

BasketballGiving talks on gaming is something my job requires, but I never really get used to it. My stage fright and tendency to overenthuse always get the best of me. The reason I keep doing it, though, and something I was telling Tony about, is this: even with all the stress and exhaustion that comes from giving a talk like this, if you just get one student interested in game development, enough to pursue it as a career whether in our company or another one, then it was all worth it.

Hopefully there was someone at that conference that we influenced 😉

PS I thought Bataan would take the cake for “farthest road trip I’ve ever taken for work”, but I spoke too soon – I may go to Baguio next week!


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