Bona Coffee (or A Letter to Starbucks My Love So Sweet)

Dear Starbucks,

I’ve been cheating on you.

starbucksI know you and I have been like that (crossing fingers together) for almost a year now, ever since I wrote my novel in your premises last November. I’ve seen you go through several facelifts, when you changed the art that you sold on your walls, to when you closed for a few days to renovate (where is my favorite red armchair, huh? gone! but no hard feelings). You saw me also through several boy/friends, dates, and meetings. And I got to know your baristas pretty well, well enough for them to greet me with my name AND choice drink every morning.

But last week, when one of your baristas asked me, “Hey Luna, where have you been? We don’t see you around anymore,” I couldn’t tell you the truth – and the truth is, I’ve been elsewhere.

There’s a little corner coffee shop along Elizalde Street, in BF Homes, Paranaque – yes, BF the strange place I never explored, with me and my bad sense of direction. It’s called Bona Coffee. I first heard about it from my mother, who knows the owners, and she told me it was a nice place that served all low-fat stuff and had free WiFi. I wasn’t sold, seeing as I’m such a Starbucks baby. But one weekend on a whim I decided to try and find it.

And find it I did, and it was worth the moments of disorientation. Their coffee is good. I’m very picky with coffee as my tummy either likes it or doesn’t, but everything I’ve tried is good – the Triple Chocolate Maple Passion, the Full Moon Latte, the French Vanilla Latte, and even the non-coffee stuff. Seriously, do they make anything awful? And knowing that everything’s low-fat, low-calorie convinces me to order two drinks each time. I haven’t been disappointed yet.

New Chucks 2So I’ve been going there the past three weeks. Not enough to have a barista friend or a permanent table, but enough for me to introduce it to my friends. All is not lost, however. I won’t stop seeing you just yet. You’re still the place I go to after my early morning yoga class, and the place I run to if I’m having a bad day. I still bring my Starbucks tumbler with me and I still prefer journal writing in my usual spot on the second floor, maybe because my quiet time fits very well with you. At Bona, I bring my laptop and work on stuff, non-quiet stuff, like curricula and things like that. It’s a different kind of experience. So you’ll always be like the old pair of Chucks I’ll keep wearing, while Bona is the shiny new and special pair.

Hahahaha God I need to sleep, this is turning out pretty weird.


15 thoughts on “Bona Coffee (or A Letter to Starbucks My Love So Sweet)

  1. moongirl says:

    Stingeyes: It’s twisted, isn’t it? 😉

    Joonster: No, it’s a wee bit more expensive, but not unreasonably. Uwi ka na kasi tapos dalin kita dito mwahahaha (oh but they may be opening up in HK? I’m not sure)

  2. C H E A T E R ! ! !

    Para mong sinabi ‘to kay Starbucks: “Kahit na sino man ang kalantariin ko… sayo pa din ako uuwi”

    Poor Starbucks… such sadness…

  3. Miguel Gonzalez says:

    Hey Moongirl,

    My wife stumbled upon your post while googling Bona Coffee Company. As a Starbucks regular that recently got turned on to Peet’s Coffee (I’m in San Francisco), I know the tug-of-war in your heart. =)

    I’m also glad to see that Bona Coffee is starting to make waves. Haven’t tried it yet, since I haven’t been back to Manila in years, but I should next time I do. After all, my younger brother runs the place. If you see him, say hi.


  4. moongirl says:

    Hi Miguel,

    As usual I’m horribly embarrassed that people from Bona (or relatives of people from Bona) are reading my blog 😛 The baristas joke that I practically work there as I’m there all the time. I’ve been to Peet’s as I’m in SFO once a year – yes, it’s good! 😉

  5. Miren Gonzalez says:

    Hey, Luna! So YOU are moongirl! Been hearing all about this blog. This is a pretty famous blog already. Hehehe. Glad you love BoNa!

    Funny how my brother owns the place and that was my oldest brother that replied. Too funny.

    See ya in BoNa soon!

  6. moongirl says:

    Miren: What?? How am I famous? Oh noooo hahaha!

    I was just at Bona, and Brian said you were there this morning. I’m sure I’ll run into you again 🙂

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