I can’t not pass these on

William Gibson interviewed by the New York Times. I heart him.

Novels are called novels because, ideally, they provide a novel experience. But in genre, you’re sort of buying a guarantee that you are going to have essentially the same experience again and again. It’s a novel. It won’t be too novel. Don’t worry.  

And how I found out – Neil Gaiman posted it on his blog.
He also posted a picture of him with a panda.

I’ll go to Hong Kong next month just to see pandas. Joon, can we see pandas? Please?


5 thoughts on “I can’t not pass these on

  1. Was Gibson’s comment a dig at genre fiction, do you think, the limitations it imposes on authors?
    If so, bravo for Bill. He’s taken a lot of heat from SF fans because rather than writing NEUROMANCER over and over again, he presents readers with challenging books that put more importance on characterization than gadgets and golly-gee-whiz ideas. He’s transcended the SF genre and the geeks find it hard to forgive him for it. I’m looking forward to SPOOK COUNTRY.
    Thanks for the post.

  2. moongirl says:

    @Kathy G: Wow November? Where’s Tony Leung’s handprint? Gusto ko rin 😀

    @Joon: You do not meet pandas on the subway 😐

    @Cliff Burns: Hello and welcome! Yes, I like how he’s not a victim of genre (what a friend of mine says is post-cyberpunk, though isnt’ that a genre in itself? hehe). I think as he’s practically the creator of cyberpunk he can do anything he wants with it. Thanks for passing by 🙂

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