I should be sleeping as I have my (first!) early class tomorrow, but instead I’m watching this video by +/-:

+/- (Plus Minus) is a Fil-Am indietronic band that rocker/Fatal Posporo Annette introduced me to, years and years ago. Listening to them with fresh ears, I think they can totally be my quarter-life crisis soundtrack. Does anyone know where I can get their latest album?

Okay, goodnight 🙂


5 thoughts on “+/-

  1. bluellite says:

    Is the Self-Titled Debut Digital Video Disc the latest one? If that’s what you’re looking for, I don’t have that haha.

    What’s your favorite track? Mine’s mostly from the Let’s Build A Fire Album 🙂

  2. luna! i have ALL their albums!!!! tapos let’s build a fire is my favorite album of last year!!! i’ve also been contemplating on getting a credit card just so i could buy that dvd release haha. and not just me, but the whole of ang bandang shirley is crazy about plus-minus!!! haha. umiiyak kami sa tuwa sa leap year everytime we hear it. haha. at at si ean aguila (our other guitarist) tito nya yung baluyot brothers. how cool is that? haha.

  3. moongirl says:

    bluellite: I don’t have ‘Let’s Build A Fire’! that’s what i’m looking for 😛

    kathy: WOOHOO you rock my socks! can i have a copy? 😀 libre kita ng kape or whatever for your trouble and generosity hehehe

  4. moongirl says:

    kathy: hmm i don’t know, where do you live ba? YM me! (are you on my YM? hahaha! text me pala) do you want anything? i don’t have half as awesome a music collection as you, but maybe i can think of something.

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