Self-Portrait“If someone were to make a movie out of your life,” said Anne, my twinnie and also the youngest Director of Photography in the Philippines, “who would direct it? Who would write it? Who would shoot it? What would the title be? And what would the first scene be like?”

My answers:

  • Wong Kar Wai would direct my film.
  • He could also write it, if it had a happy ending like Chungking Express. Otherwise, Charlie Kaufman could write it.
  • Christopher Doyle would shoot it.
  • Natalie Portman would play me. (Upon which Anne exclaimed, “Yes! She’s perfect!”)
  • I don’t know what the title would be, but it would have something to do with “moon”.
  • I don’t know what the first scene would be like, either, but I’m sure Natalie would be doing a voice-over to herself, the way I talk to myself in my head.



11 thoughts on “Questions

  1. For myself, I’d pick Woody Allen as writer and director, and Remi Adefarasin as cinematographer.

    The first scene would have me close to my time, on a clear day, at a quiet beach. I’d be talking to a child about how, if you tilt your head just right, your mind forgets the horizon, and the sea and the sky just blend into shades of each other.

    The title would be “Biases.”

  2. Because he’s polite, awkward, funny and smart. And quirky, in a quiet sort of way.

    And also because I’ve lost track of how many people insist that I remind them of him. :p

  3. moongirl says:

    quinnzap: i am tempted to make a dante-deprecating comment but as you are my friend i shall not. HAHAHAHA! ang labo 😛

    i like hugh grant the person though, not hugh grant in whatever role he’s in. as a person, he can be really witty, or wicked, even.

  4. m1 says:

    hmm. para mura, si raya. but then, that’d probably mean like, the intro would be a 30-minute shot of me doing… nothing. heh.

    the title and release date are kinda obvious. hehe.

  5. reitch says:

    Syempre delayed response ako… heheh. pero gusto ko pa rin sagutin ang tanong. I guess I would be a film by Terry Gilliam dahil surreal ang buhay ko. It would take a decade in development. Halfway through shooting mauubusan ng budget kahit unknown ang mga actors aside from Helena Bonham Carter who has the misfortune to play me. Musical scoring by Danny Elfman, script by Emma Thompson or Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, and camera angles by Alfred Hitchcock.

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