I’m off! (to jump over the Wall)

VinJust a quick note to announce two things:

  1. Went to Disbanded Band Friendship Night last night. I saw Ciudad and the Itchyworms perform, which is awesome in itself, and then I saw Boldstar and Twisted Halo perform, and I wanted to cry. Watching them brought me back to a time when everything was all right. Very 2004.
  2. I’m off in a few hours to go to Hong Kong! It’s a total adventure, starting with the fact that my best friend who is the point of my entire trip will NOT pick me up at the airport. Hahahaha! (Sorry, I just have to give him a publicly hard time ūüėČ

I’ll see if I can blog while I’m there, but if not, see you next week!

Oh,¬†and¬†Stardust¬†was¬†great,¬†and¬†someone¬†said¬†it¬†was¬†similar¬†to¬†Dream Systems, which I didn’t notice at all.


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