…and I land on my two feet

I made it safely to Hong Kong, after a delayed flight and a cup of coffee. I take back what I said about Joon not picking me up at the airport – the Airport Express train is so easy to use, it’s almost ridiculous.

In the few hours that I’ve been here, I’ve been mistaken for a DH, waved over by the HK Immigration without even bothering to ask me any questions (though he showed my passport to the officer beside him, with an amused expression – I have a sneaking suspcion he said, “Look at her very long, very weird name” in Cantonese, as that’s what every other Filipino airport officer said before I left), bought an Octopus card which I’ve used to pay for everything so far (transportation AND dinner), boarded a minibus, and discovered that McDonald’s in Hong Kong serves Sausage McMuffin ALL DAY.

Plus, the whole “everyone speaks English in Hong Kong” PR is overrated. Everyone does, but the accent difference makes it hard for people to understand me and vice-versa. It’s like we’re speaking a different language anyway 😉 But it adds an element of adventure – being here is like being in Lost In Translation, only in Cantonese, or Chungking Express without subtitles.

Okay I should sleep zzzz. Tomorrow (later!) I see what Hong Kong is like during the day. And pandas!


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