Hong Kong – Friday

KowloonFor my first full day in Hong Kong, Joon and I ate at a Japanese burger restaurant called Mos Burger (very similar to Sango! in the Mile Long Building in Makati back home), then went around Mong Kok looking for an ultra-wide film camera which we didn’t find. Then we went to Ocean Park, where I saw flamingoes, rode the Mine Train rollercoaster and a cable car, jumped very high on a bungee trampoline, and, of course, saw giant pandas!!!

Panda 6(Incidentally, Ocean Park turns into a teenager’s wet dream in the evening, as the entire theme park becomes a Halloween scaring ground. Hired hands in costume would run around scaring people, driving the girls into their boyfriends’ arms, hehe.)

After Ocean Park, we had dinner in Causeway Bay, where I also window-shopped some very funky clothes. (And Converse is all the rage here – oh no…) We ended the day with a token pilgrimage to Starbucks, where I had signature iced chocolate (we don’t have that in the Philippines, and we should, it’s yummy!).

(All photos here.)


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