Hong Kong – Sunday

MeOn Sunday, I met up with Lhadz, an ex-officemate who had moved to Shenzhen, China a few months ago (Shenzhen is only an hour away by the KCR train). Lhadz and I went around Mong Kok to buy a digital camera for another officemate, and then we took a ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui to Wan Chai and a cab up to Victoria Peak (known generally as “The Peak”).

Monks drink coffee, too.The Peak consisted of a great view of Hong Kong and malls that seemed to have been set up exclusively for tourists. To get onto the rooftop of the mall you need to pay $20 (what are they charging for? air?). I also saw an Electronic Arts store with loot and gaming stations. Even if it was very cold in the Peak we had ice cream from Gino’s Gelato anyway, and then we took a tram ride down to Central.

We took another ferry back to Tsim Sha Tsui, had dinner at Cafe de Coral, and walked around Avenue of the Stars, which looks completely different at night. Hong Kong looks very clean without the enormous bilboards that litter the skyline, like what we have in Manila, but at night the buildings light up with neon ads that are invisible during the day.

Lhadz took the KCR train back to China and I promptly went back to Joon’s to pass out.

(Pictures are here.)


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong – Sunday

  1. sayang talaga di tayo mag-aabot! lahat ng pinuntahan mo yun din yung gusto ko puntahan eh hahaha! naeexcite na tuloy ako sobra. haha.

    hmmm re octopus card how much yun? tas kailangan talagang bumili nun? mas ok?

  2. moongirl says:

    Woohoo you’ll love it there I swear! And yes Octopus card is the only way to go. The card itself (refundable afterward) is $150 but I ended up spending maybe $400 including all refills. I commuted a lot see. Plus I charged McDo to it too 😉

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