Hong Kong – Monday

CentralFor my last full day in Hong Kong, Joon and I went to Central and had lunch in CoCo Curry House (spicy stuff!). He left for school and I was off to explore Hong Kong alone. And for me, that meant shopping 😉 It was my last day and I hadn’t really gotten anything for myself, so I went all out.

First, I stayed for hours in H&M in Central, as it’s one of my favorite clothing shops and we don’t have it in the Philippines. I also checked out laptop prices in Fortress, but was disappointed that their cheapest good laptops were still over my credit limit. I walked around Central to explore the surrounding shops, and rested at Starbucks before making my way to Temple St. Night Market. The famous tourist shopping strip turned out to be very short, with some interesting stalls (nothing like Greenhills though).

Temple St. Night MarketAfter Temple St., I went to Mong Kok and promptly got lost in Langham Place, a spiral-shaped mall where escalators didn’t go where you expected them to and there were so many great little shops I eventually ran out of hands to carry all my loot.

The complete list of loot from my Monday shopping spree is as follows:

  • a shirt, hoodie, bangles, and black robot-themed hi-cut sneakers from H&M
  • a devil-themed bag (the most expensive purchase of all)
  • DVDs of In The Mood For Love, My Sassy Girl, and the Infernal Affairs trilogy from CD Warehouse
  • minimalist recycled notebooks, notepads, card holder, pens, and some pasalubong from Muji
  • 30 pieces of Pokemon toys from Temple St. Night Market (more pasalubong)

Total cost: Almost HKD2,000. Not bad.

(Pictures here, though I still don’t have pics of my loot.)


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