I was holding the controller of the office’s Xbox 360 when we heard a “beep” and the game I was playing stalled. We turned off the 360 to reset it. When we turned it on again, we saw this:


After we had taken photos of the incident*, we stood over the 360 as if we were at some kind of funeral, laying a friend to rest.

Farewell, 360. We’ve known you for only a year, but here you are, dead. We knew it would happen sooner or later, but we were hoping for more time. Oh well.

*For further reading


13 thoughts on “3RL

  1. moongirl says:

    Thanks for all the condolences, hehehe

    Randy, don’t mind the fanboy. He’s my officemate. Though he really is a fanboy 😛

    PS3, don’t mind Randy. He works for XNA. HAHAHAHA

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