New blog header!

I updated my blog header. Unfortunately, with this WordPress theme, that’s all I can do 😉 But I like it.

I’ve broken the 10,000 word count of my novel, which still isn’t enough to make it to 50K on time, but I suppose 10K is still something, yes?

And yesterday, I had Wii Day with my game design class. I wish I had a Wii! But this Christmas may see an Xbox 360 in my house. We’ll see.


4 thoughts on “New blog header!

  1. i too am dreaming for a xbox 360 soon. mass effect just seems so yummy. hopefully, that and a tv as a gift upon regularization.

    love the header, reminds me of stranglehold. hehehe.

  2. moongirl says:

    stingeyes: I’ve just played CoD4 and will no longer buy a 360. Am buying a PC instead. It’s that good. Good luck with yours, though! (Tell me how Mass Effect goes; I will still be crazy jealous.)

    Joon: Yes! It’s your turn to “visit’! 😛

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