I woke up with a high fever this morning, which ruins all my day’s plans (though I’m hoping that medicine and a few hours of staying in bed will be enough so I can still go out later).

Just some short updates:

  • I had my last game design class yesterday (before the students have their “finals”). I got a bit sentimental, as I really enjoyed this term, and I have pretty awesome students. I hope I was able to teach them something worthwhile.
  • We didn’t win at Animahenasyon, but that’s okay. (Butch Jimenez wasn’t at the forum I moderated in, either.)
  • I was telling Aids last night that I found it funny that I’m dancing to “Love Team” by the Itchyworms in the competition next week, considering I know one of them. (Chino, are you reading this? I’m dancing to your song, man! 😉
  • I also completely forgot to mention in my previous post that I joined a new band, and we’re going to have our first official practice this week. We already have two gigs lined up, and I don’t want to jinx it or anything

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