Aww, it’s over

Moskau BoysWe didn’t win last night, which sucks, as everyone worked very hard. But the night was still loads of fun, and seeing my kids dance their hearts out made the weeks of preparation and worry worth it.

Yesterday was also the second to the last day of my game design class, so I went sentimental and took pics. I’m gonna miss them – they were a very good batch.

GAMEDES S18 (Nov 2007)I didn’t finish my novel, stopping at 23,046 words, but I didn’t mind. There’s always next year. Plus, I think I’ll continue this novel anyway. My characters are pretty fun 😉

So November’s over, and with all that behind me, I’m kind of at a loss to see what December will bring.


4 thoughts on “Aww, it’s over

  1. i wish I could get the something going and start writing something again, but I feel like I’ve just got too much stuff to do, like playing games and…playing more games.

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