Smile the smile of the forgetful

The Manox BoothFour years ago, I was at the Purplechickens’ first album launch (Here’s Plan B). I didn’t know who they were, but I had just gotten together with their guitarist Aids (literally – a day before) and so I was in now-closed Millenia surrounded by people I didn’t know and music I wasn’t familiar with.

Four years and a day later, I was at the Purplechickens’ second album launch (Girls, Et Cetera), and many things had changed. Aids and I were no longer together, and he wasn’t part of the band anymore either (though we’ve just formed a new one – more about that in a later post!). Two out of the four years were spent creating the band’s Dream Systems video, and I’d gotten to know them and their immediate circle, and we’d had our share of spats; I’d remained friends with some and stayed an acquaintance to others. But I hadn’t really watched them perform in a very long time, and I’ve stayed out of their way since our video debuted a year and a half ago.

Somehow, Girls, Et Cetera found me outside Club Dredd’s second-floor doors, selling CDs and t-shirts at the official booth. The live music of Duster, Imago, and the Lowtechs drifted past me but I wasn’t paying attention. I was really only there for the Manox.

AldusAnd they didn’t disappoint. The Manox played through the entire second album – I recognized older songs like “Girl in Bathtub” and “Girl Orders Drink”, and sang along to “Patihulog”. I discovered a new, decidedly apt song, “Girl Reveals Her Hand”. But it wasn’t till they played their encore of songs from the first album that I stopped to take heed. When they played “Ars Terror” and “Dream Systems”, I remembered the four-year journey I’ve had with this band and their friends, and I was both nostalgic of the good times, and sad for the bad ones. I marvelled at how far the Purplechickens had come, and wondered how far I’ve traveled too, in four years and a day.

That said, go check out their album. The songs have poignant lyrics and very tight, powerful sounds. As proven by their standing-room-only launch (and the multitude of CDs and shirts I sold), the Purplechickens are (and always have been) awesome. And I finally got my name printed on an album sleeve, too! Thanks for the memories, guys 😉


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