This post was brought to you by the letter B

2007 is ending on a very busy, almost tumultuous note. So when times are hard, you say, “Bahala na si Batman*.

  • B as in Bona. Bona Coffee is opening its second branch in Westgate Alabang (right in front of Fitness First) next week! They’re selling membership cards at 50% off if you visit them during their opening. While I’ll be in Davao (aww) I am SO going there the instant I land (yay!). (I knew I was stressed when I didn’t have time to visit Bona for several weeks.)
  • B as in Band. The little free time I have is spent listening to the songs my new band is studying. We are called StereoLalas, and are made up of Aids (formerly of the Purplechickens and We Kick Ass For The Lord), Popo (my awesome assistant producer slash drummer), and Dax (whom we just met, but is proving to be a formidable bassist). We already have gigs lined up: Death Cab For Cutie Night and New Order / Joy Division Night. Oh we are SO gonna rock your socks!
  • B as in Batman. Also, the Dark Knight trailer is up! It’s the only 2008 film (so far) that I plan to watch on opening night. (Is my movie-watching partner reading this? Let’s watch it!)

*Roughly translates to, “Leave it to Batman”


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