MP3s: Have An Emo Holiday

I’m off to Davao for the next few days. As a symbol of spreading holiday cheer, I made my first public mix CD. It is aptly called, “Have An Emo Holiday (The Mix That Will Make You Want To Slit Your Wrists)”.

The mix is neither emo nor suicide-inducing, but it’s got a lot of songs that I’ve been listening to since December 1, and they just happen to all be quite painful.

Apologies also to my band friends from boldstar, the Purplechickens, the Itchyworms, and Ang Bandang Shirley, as I included some of your MP3s in the mix 😛 (And apologies to Nick Hornby and any other strict audiophile, as I decided to place the two New Order songs right after each other, which I know is a big no-no in the art of mix creation. But they sound good together, so there.)

Have An Emo Holiday (The Mix That Will Make You Want To Slit Your Wrists)
Featuring Ang Bandang Shirley – boldstar – Death Cab For Cutie – The Itchyworms – Julianne – The Magic Numbers – Mindy Smith – New Order – The Purplechickens – Whitest Boy Alive – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Download here (limited time only) – 104MB, .RAR

Merry Christmas, everybody! 😉


7 thoughts on “MP3s: Have An Emo Holiday

  1. moongirl says:

    Mikester: Adik sa How I Met Your Mother! 😉

    Rog3r: Haha, yes, but we’re just friends 🙂 Watch our gig!

    sphelkazter: Hello, student. I should mention to everyone that I named my mix “emo” because you said so 😛

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