Last night…


StereoLalas made its public debut at Route 196. The place was ridiculously packed with friends and Death Cab For Cutie fans. We soundchecked with Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Maps” and were suddenly informed to keep playing as the first act was late, so we dived in with Death Cab For Cutie’s “The New Year”, then blazed through “Blacking Out The Friction” and “Soul Meets Body”, ending with “We Looked Like Giants”. The crowd sang along and at the end of the set the band looked at each other in agreement – this is it. We’ve found the band we’ve been looking for all this time.We also hung out at Yale for their annual New Year party, and it was nice to see my bandmates having fun with my friends (Dax and Popo were attacking both the Guitar Hero II setup and the chocolate fountain with much vigor). I got home at 3 am relatively sober, very tired, but also ridiculously happy. I love my band! 🙂

EDIT: Photos are being compiled here.


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