That wouldn’t have been any fun

I’m cleaning up my old laptop to make way for a new one (WOOHOO WOOHOO OMFG), and I found this very old chat transcript with insane game developer Gabby from Dec. 1, 2005:

Gabby: what’s your favorite spell in the world?
Me: you mean, in the harry potter world?
Me: accio
Me: oh wait
Gabby: no. in the game world
Me: do you mean gaming world?
Me: hahahaha <—- geek
Me: hmm… i have to think about that. i’ve already thought of accio a long time ago
Me: *thinking*
Me: depends on the game. i really really really love Luna Moonfang’s Eclipse. but if you mean D&D type, for some reason i like those flame arrow things. i think they’re cool. but that’s like super basic. if it’s any other RPG i always max out the healing spells first.
Gabby: how about in warcraft?
Me: i was never a fan of hexes / polymorph / summoning stuff. anything to do with animals. i dont really like.
Me: Eclipse. hehe. but that’s DotA.
Gabby: lol!
Me: Starfall maybe if W3.
Me: haha as long as it’s moon / heavenly
Me: i just realized
Gabby: ok great
Me: how narcissistic i am?
Me: am i? i mean
Me: what the hell
Me: who’s this? his name is Sexton.
Me: hehe
Gabby: the game luna, the game
Me: wow diablo!
Gabby: nonononono
Gabby: what’s the name of their game?
Me: oh hehe sorry
Me: ooh!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe
Gabby: haay
Me: sorry… hehehehe
Gabby: i give up
Gabby: just wanted you to know that there’s a game based on your favorite WC spell
Me: well, you could have just told me outright
Gabby: that wouldn’t have been any fun

(The name of the game was Starfall.)


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