A musical weekend

I’m so happy to be back in music again.

Yesterday marked StereoLalas‘s first songwriting session. Dax brought the guitar riff, which Popo quickly filled on drums, and before we knew it, Aids and I filled in all the other parts and we had a song. Now it’s up to me to make the melody and lyrics, which I don’t have much experience on, but I’m excited. Musically, the song sounds great – now I just have to give it meaning.

After the jam, the band went to watch Taken by Cars for the second leg of their album launch, in Route 196. Everybody’s been raving about them to me, and I was dubious at first, maybe because I am fiercely loyal to Bloc Party and thought I couldn’t appreciate the supposed Bloc Party of the Philippines (that, or I was jealous that I didn’t think of it sooner ;). But there’s no question about it – TBC was good. If they’re to be taken on their own merits (and not compared to BP, who shall remain infinitely better in terms of songwriting and melody in my humble and extremely biased opinion), TBC creates an experience, a wall of sound that I couldn’t help but admire. The drums and guitar layers are top-notch.

I listened to their album Endings of a New Kind today, and I liked them even more, particularly because of the tracks “December 2 Chapter VII” (which is the main reason I liked them in the first place – that song hits me where it hurts), and the tracks that followed – “The Afterhours”, “Stereolove”, and “Neon Brights” flowed into each other seamlessly. Well done.

In other news, Facebook will redefine the way humans interact:

You are about to add Dax Gonzaga as your Relationship.We will then notify Dax Gonzaga, who will have to confirm that you are in a relationship.


5 thoughts on “A musical weekend

  1. k says:

    I LOVE THE AFTERHOURSSSSS sobrang sakto na kasunod siya ng December 2 chapter 7. afterglow siya nun realization mo sa december 2 tas it time to let it go. hahaha

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