San Francisco, the city that burns a hole in my pocket

I’m in my small but quaint hotel room in San Francisco, and have just signed up for a month of Internet access (overboard? maybe, but it only costs 3 days’ worth). Today, I accompanied my mom and sister for their token shopping spree – and I scored a cute pair of slip-on sneakers and two new shirts.

When they left me at my hotel, I was afraid I would get hit by jetlag (my old friend) again, so instead of staying in my room, I immediately walked up the street to H&M.

I walked out of H&M a good two and a half hours later, a hundred dollars poorer, but with the following items
– A red and black striped jacket. The brown jacket I bought from their Hong Kong branch was sooo comfortable, I couldn’t resist getting a new one.
– A black and white striped sailor top
– ‘Oh my God’ blue flared jeans (they fit so well that there’s no other way to put it)
– A brown scarf (my sister will scoff at this, as she just lent me one of her scarves, but I couldn’t help it, it was pretty!)

After H&M, I went to a nearby grocery to buy dry-climate stuff, and that cost me $50, so I am officially poor and GDC hasn’t even begun. And I haven’t even gone to Rasputin!

This is what happens when all my favorite things are on my street 😀

Tomorow I still have a free day to goof around until the IGDA party, so I’m going to hit Rasputin and maybe Urban Outfitters and that’s it. Control, control, you must learn control…


9 thoughts on “San Francisco, the city that burns a hole in my pocket

  1. moongirl says:

    acid42: Too late man! Galing na ko Rasputin hahaha. Besides I like to walk – or rather I am afraid to get lost on public transportation 😛

  2. They need to invent shopping blindfolds for people like us. Or magic goggles so that when you look at things they cost 4 times as much, or it looks like there’s nothing on the shelves.

  3. moongirl says:

    Ryan: You know what I’d like? I’d like to be able to look at an item and instantly find out if they sell the same thing back in Manila, OR if anyone online sells it cheaper inclusive of shipping. HAHAHA. Lazy ass.

  4. you wont get lost if you go to the BART station and pick up a free BART TRANSIT CONNECTIONS map/booklet . Shows ALL the bus and BART routes in the SFO and greater bay area. YOu’ll NEVER get lost with that!

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