GDC, Day 1

Moscone WestMy first day attending the GDC sessions was like the first day of school. Armed with a notebook and pen, I flew from session to session taking notes from game designers I greatly admired – Ken Levine (Bioshock), Rob Pardo (all things Blizzard), and Ken Rolston / Mark Nelson (Morrowind/Oblivion).

It also meant that I didn’t sleep at all the night before, I was running on double espresso shots all day, I skipped lunch to try and take a nap at the hotel but that was futile, and I was late to Richard Rouse III’s talk so I couldn’t get in anymore. My bag also smelled like pizza. Very college!

(Missing Rouse’s talk was a bummer, but I got to attend David Amor’s talk on avoiding crunch instead, and that was a pleasant surprise.)

I also got to meet two clients whom I’d been working with since last year, and ran into Chris Avellone and Ragnar Tornquist (my two personal game writing heroes) so that was all in all awesome.

At the IGDA partay!I’m back at the hotel catching up on work before heading out to a client dinner. But I think I am decided now – I want to write games again. It gets me excited. Maybe it’s my calling.

PS Btw, last night we Pinoy game developers attended two pre-GDC parties; I drank two beers that seemed both enormous and having some kind of regenerative property; I ran into people I met from last year’s GDC and they remembered me. We Pinoys also have a makeshift booth at the North Hall, near IBM. Yay!

(GDC photos here.)


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