Two lists (part 2 of 2)

This list is long overdue! But what with mom still in the hospital, a typhoon, and a new job, things are a bit unreal for me at the moment.

During the first three weeks, I spent most of my time living out of the hospital room or in the ICU, watching over mom. There’s not much to do in the hospital, especially during the night shift, so my mind would idly wander – and I came up with list #2. I’m posting it here more as a reminder to myself that I decided these things.

#2: If I Ever Get Out Of Here…

I promised myself, during my daydreams in the hospital, that I would do the following things when mom and I were safely home.

If I ever get out of here…

… I will clean my room. Not the cheating “a couple of garbage bags and I’m done” clean I do a few times a year. No, I’ll clean my room the way mom wanted – a real redecoration, the kind with Before and After pictures that you can send to a magazine.

… I will exercise. I’ll make up for the 35 days I’ve spent sedentary in the hospital, with a few weeks before that spent recuperating from the accident. I’ll go back to my daily walk/jog, and maybe try that special yoga class for people with injuries.

… I will save money. I never realized how important money was until I didn’t have any. It wasn’t because I was unemployed – it was because I lived out of an expensive hospital in an expensive city while I was unemployed. That, and I didn’t save enough for this kind of rainy day. So once my new salary comes in, I will save money. This shan’t happen again.

… I will attack my new job with enthusiasm. I love seeing mom smile each day when she finds out how excited I am about my new job. I should keep that, and always, always do something I enjoy. Oh, about that…

… I will enjoy life better. Sounds cheesy. But “life” before and after the hospital is completely different. Enjoy yourself while you’re young – one of the great lessons I’ve learned. Part of that is going to Singapore to watch my favorite band Death Cab For Cutie. Part of that also is surrounding myself with the best people, the friends who bring sunshine with them; and also, part of that is weeding out the people I don’t want to spend time with, or the jobs that I just don’t enjoy doing. Life is too short.

… I will think twice about jumping into relationships. Yes, this was really on my list, because I realized that if I was able to survive 35 very scary days as a single woman, I can probably spend the coming normal days on my own, too. And though I want to enjoy life, I’ve learned that jumping into things like that can bring nothing but trouble.

… I will also think twice about snapping back at my parents, which is bound to happen if you’re 25 and still living with them. But all I have to do is remember the past 35 days, and then this fierce love surges through, and that’s it – I’m their baby daughter again.

… I will sell my car. My friends know that I love the Ponymobile to bits. I do, but I love my mom more, and the sale will help greatly with our hospital expenses. (If you want to buy my car, let me know, will you?)

… I will buy World of Warcraft. Hahaha! That was actually the first item on my list, when the list was born.

The good news is, mom is on the road to recovery – so I may need to start ticking off these items soon. Which, by the way, is wildly, fanfriggingtastically okay with me πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Two lists (part 2 of 2)

  1. moongirl says:

    quinnzap: You are hopelessly biased πŸ˜‰

    gabusch: True that. Apir. I hope at 25 I’m not too late to discover it πŸ˜‰

    mikester: Yeah waaah poor ponymobile! Lots of memories πŸ™‚

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