The Pimp

“I have a new favorite drink, Luna,” Owel said. “Sorry – it’s at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.”

“Hahaha! Why are you saying sorry?”

“Because you’re always ‘bona bona bona’ and I was all excited about it before too.”

Since when have I become the official Bona pimp?  😛

Case in point – I plurked about Bona Members’ Night (happening tonight at their Westgate branch) and suddenly, I have seven friends going! (And most of them have never been to Bona – they don’t even live in the south.) I had to stop them from inviting more people, because when I told Bona I’d be RSVP-ing for eight, their response was: “EIGHT???”

I am sure someday I will stop pimping Bona. But that day is not today.

(PS Incidentally, I am writing this from Bona’s BF branch.)

EDIT: PPS Miren, who’s in charge of Bona’s marketing, just told me I’m their official #1 member, thanks to this blog which is pretty famous to them already. Hahaha! I am officially embarrassed 😛


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