Say hello to my new toy

I bought myself a new phone, just in time for my Singapore trip on Monday:

It’s a Sony Ericsson w910i Walkman phone!

I’m one of those people who left Nokia for Ericsson and never looked back. While Nokia users abhor at the thought of a fancy menu in a delicate casing, we Ericsson fans loooove it. The w910i is my first slide phone, so it took some getting used to, but I chose it over the more powerful w880i because this one feels better in my hand. (The other phone seemed too “thin”.)

Sony seems to have improved everything from my old phone (Joon’s w800i), and I love it. It’s the little things, like how all the profiles are now iconized and with proper names like Outdoors, Home, Office, and In Car – btw, those are exactly the profiles that I use 😉 They’ve finally improved their message alert sounds. The flimsy joystick of my old phone has been replaced with an iPod-like dial that’s embedded, which means no more dirt underneath, thank God. The camera is 2.0MP but it doesn’t have the “Light” feature of my old phone, which used to be a great makeshift flash, so my night shots have been weird so far. But the Panorama option is great!


The w910i also has new features that made me laugh at first. It has Shake control, which lets you change the song by shaking the phone. (“I will never use this feature,” I told my friends – but I ended up using it today while waiting in line. It’s actually quite convenient, if you can get over looking silly in public.)

It has the SenseMe feature, which groups your tracks according to mood (Happy, Sad, Fast, and Slow). One thing I don’t like about SenseMe is that you have to use their proprietary software to transfer your music, so it can analyze the moods. But if you’re like me who’s always on the go, plug and play is my preferred way of transferring MP3s.

Another funny feature is how you can play the built-in Marble Madness 3D game by tilting the actual phone to guide the marble to the end of the level. Never mind the poor level design – what’s funny is that you _look_ funny, tilting your phone this way and that in public. I am head over heels happy with the Lumines game, though! (And no funny gestures required.)

I’ve only had the phone for a few days so I’m still getting used to it. But the real test run will happen when I’m at the Death Cab For Cutie concert. Since no cameras are allowed inside, my new toy will be the only proof I have of this awesome event. Let’s hope it does a good job! 🙂


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