My Game Design students know that I love Balthier from Final Fantasy XII (an epic gem of a game that I still have not finished, after years), so one of them showed me this video today:

And that finally prompted me to look up the name of the actual voice actor, which I’ve resisted doing, because it sort of breaks the fiction… But of course he is a real person, and his name is Gideon Emery, and his website is here.

Lastly, Mr. Emery, if you are somehow reading this, I sincerely believe nobody can say the word “nethicite” better than you. Nobody. If I could make that into my SMS alert tone for my phone, I would. The way you say “nethicite” is just pure poetry. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. The exact opposite effect nethicite is supposed to have on a Hume.


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