Threadless is on sale oh noes

I’ve never ordered from Threadless, though I have friends who do. It’s the cool, “in” t-shirt brand to have, and my usual reaction to cool, “in” things is to stay away entirely. But once in a while, I indulge a guilty pleasure and browse their site, because sometimes they _do_ have designs that I like.

This morning, I got their newsletter e-mail announcing a store-wide sale: all t-shirts are $12! Panic! So, blowing all my reservations out of the water, I went ahead and ordered three shirts. Paul and Dante ordered shirts with me, too! And the shipping’s only $15, which is awesome πŸ™‚

We’re all excited to receive our shirts, though knowing the Philippine Post Office, it’ll take forever! And if we’re happy with what we bought, we’ll buy again. If you guys are curious about the sale, check it out. Stocks sell out quickly.


2 thoughts on “Threadless is on sale oh noes

  1. Being a threadless customer, I received an email about this and the designs on sale are really nice ones. I was going to buy some but I have too many t-shirts already.

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