Just when I thought films were getting mediocre, I went and watched Wall-E. The trailer didn’t interest me enough at first. but I am so, so, so happy I watched Wall-E. Or rather, I am so, so, so sad I did – I cried buckets inside the theater, amidst kids who thought Wall-E the robot was the cutest thing since sliced bread. Wall-E the robot _is_ the cutest thing, but that’s not why I cried. I cried because the movie hit me on so many issues – loneliness, unrequited love, environmentalism, human apathy, and the few heroes who leave their comfort zone to do the right thing – along with the injustice the rest of the world inflicts upon them.

Yes, I should have expected nothing less than brilliance from Pixar.  But the film blew me away so much because, as someone coming to terms with living in the real world as a real adult (I’m turning 26 this week!), this film reminded me of all the horrible things we adults are capable of. In my high school graduation, my dad spoke on stage and told us 16-year olds, apologetically: “We have made a mess of our world.” I cried buckets then, too, but now I cry as an adult, wanting all children in the world to watch this movie and have faith that there must be a way to fix the mess that we have made.

This, amidst the fact that Wall-E is beautifully shot and directed, and that there was hardly no dialogue – making the message even more profound. There is no lack of intelligence or love in Wall-E, and it easily wins as my favorite animated film of all time. This is the kind of film I want my kids to see, and I hope everyone who can watch it goes out and watches it.

For Wall-E fans out there, I bear two gifts:


4 thoughts on “Wall-E

  1. fartass says:

    and did you notice that wall-e is now mostly an adult movie? pixar is great that way – their movies “grow up” in perfect synch with the kids, now grown-ups, who used to enjoy toy story.

    and wall-e is also a great science fiction movie, as far as serious/classic sf is concerned.

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