What I did for my 26th birthday

  • Renewed my driver’s license
  • Went to Bona Westgate, and was treated to a free Turkey Jack lunch by assistant supervisor Joseph
  • Received multitudes of greetings online, including “Happy Birthday Pony” YM status messages from my Anino kids, an El Bimbo video from Paul, and a musical Tribute Page from Joon
  • Was forced to take the afternoon off when my boss told me: “Why are you still working on your birthday? Go play.”
  • Had a haircut
  • Bought makeup, jeans, and bangles. Maybe this inexplicable urge to prettify comes with age.
  • Ran into a Starbucks barista who recognized me and asked me to come by. *sniff sniff… but I’ve broken up with Starbucks, long ago*
  • Ran into a former student, who was in the mall for the Boys Like Girls concert (I caught some of it)
  • Was treated to a free Raizon’s Halo-Halo by former bandmate Owel
  • Had dinner with my parents at Sophia’s, a Mediterranean restaurant in Westgate whose chef has cooked for the Beatles, Jackie O, Princess Di, and Pavarotti. Needless to say, the food was fantastic!
  • And now, I work a bit, because deadlines wait for no one.

If this is what the rest of my 26th year will look like, I’m all for it 🙂


8 thoughts on “What I did for my 26th birthday

  1. Jensen says:

    Belated happy birthday rin! I’m very bad with dates, sorry. 😛 Hope I get to play a game you authored? O diba?

    P.S. Nice new layout, ang linis tingnan!

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