Going to GCA

Orchard Road

I was just in Singapore, and tomorrow I’m going back – this time for a business trip. I will be attending Games Convention Asia (the new incarnation of the old Asian Game Developers Summit, where I met two of my game writing heroes). This year, they’ve gone all out, with legendary game designer Peter Molyneux headlining; plus, my hero Ragnar Tornquist is back, and there are other great talks from Lucasfilm, Ubisoft, and more.

This also happens to be my most action-packed trip, as I’m meeting my virtual officemates for the very first time. (They promised me a swimming pool and chili crab. Not at the same time.) Plus, I’m seeing old friends, like my ex-officemates from Anino who now work in Singapore, and my musician friend Mayo. I am booked for every day and every night – it’s crazy 😀

While I’m gone, I highly recommend you read this interview with Ragnar about storytelling, because as a writer it fills me with great joy; also, that you browse Lifehacker.com, which gives smart and free tips on improving one’s efficiency (and also fills me with a different kind of joy). See you all when I get back! 🙂


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