Obama Wins


I’ve been watching CNN all morning. When they announced that Barack Obama would be the next president of the United States, I started crying. It’s insane! I’m not even American! And people who know me will tell you that I’m not a very “political” person. Sure, when I was in college, I was political party president – but I saw first-hand how dirty and desperate politics could be. “If this is what college politics was,” I remember thinking, “then real-world politics must be a million times worse.” After I graduated, I stopped taking interest in national politics altogether. Our presidents were ousted and reinstated, tried and impeached and freed, promised and dealed and lied… and I stopped caring.

At the same time, in college, I saw how inspiring politics could be to some people. When I remember the kids I trained and led while I was president, I’m still overwhelmed with pride. Several of them now are leaders in their own fields, and I know that the principles we believed in then are still driving them to do good things now. But I have never been inspired again. Not until Obama.

So for the past few weeks, I found myself watching the US presidential and vice-presidential debates. Hell, I don’t even watch CNN -now I was checking it every day. I developed an admiration for Obama and Biden and a distaste for McCain and Palin. (I don’t want any flames – I’m just saying I picked a side.) And though I have never identified with the United States, unlike many millions of Filipinos who believe it is the Greener Grass, I have traveled to the US almost every year and experienced, as an outsider, both its successes and failures as a nation.  And I’d considered living in the US for three years to study, so maybe this election would have affected me directly. But now, while I am safely in the Philippines and should be doing many other things this morning, I am instead glued to CNN and marveling at this historic hour.

I am happy for the United States that they will have Obama as president. Now, Philippines, will you please give us somebody to believe in too?


2 thoughts on “Obama Wins

  1. “I am happy for the United States that they will have Obama as president. Now, Philippines, will you please give us somebody to believe in too?”

    Isa lang masasabi ko diyan…

    This asa moment is brought you by

    “Happy Peanuts”

    Less Grease. 😉

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