My Halloween Costumes

Last Halloween, I had fun with two separate costumes for two events. I’m not a cosplayer and probably never will be, so both these costumes were simple but fun (for me, at least!).

Costume # 1: Japanese Schoolgirl

My generic Japanese schoolgirl costume Japan!

This was put together with advice from my friends – apparently, there is a whole “genre” of Japanese schoolgirl-dom, and I went with the “more leg is good” one. I wore this to the Ang Bandang Shirley album launch at Cubao X, where I was met with several other schoolgirls, though of the Gossip Girl variety.

    • White top from Mossimo
    • Schoolgirl skirt from MNG
    • Wedges from Methilation. They were too big, but I had no time to swap the size, so I stuffed them with cork instead. (Ouch!)
    • Jewelry from Herbench and Girl Shop
    • And I wore sage eyeshadow and my everyday pink lip gloss, plus I had my hair ironed 🙂
  • Costume # 2: Bona Barista

    I'm a (fake) barista! The Barista

    I loooved this costume! I wore this to Bona Fright Night at the Westgate branch of Bona Coffee. I got the official logo from Miren, who works with their marketing department. I made the service crew at Bona laugh and joke all night about starting my “shift”. But sadly, I didn’t win Best Costume 😦

    • Bona cap and nameplate made by Made 4 U in Glorietta 4
    • Black shirt from Bona Coffee (it’s a Kids shirt, but it had the barista logos down pat)
    • Khaki pants from Herbench
    • Sneakers from Rocket Dog
    • Watch was scored at Bugis Street Market in Singapore for SG$5!

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